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Connecting the body and mind  through physical yoga practice - Asana. 

Classes on offer are: 

Vinyasa - 90 Min

Linking postures and breath while transitioning through flowing sequences of movement. Vinyasa yoga can be practiced at any level and students can expect to experience increased flexibility, strength, stability, and overall calmness and clarity.

Hatha - 90 Min

Hatha yoga is the traditional umbrella of yoga that is the origin of most styles. A practice full of static postures, mindful breathwork and a manageable pace. This dynamic allows for a greater focus on alignment and mindful breathing, making the practice accessible to yogis of all levels, especially beginners.

Restorative - 90 Min

Grounding postures held for extended periods for deep relaxation and recuperation. Students are often supported by props to enhance or deepen their experience and achieve a state of total relaxation and release. The perfect afternoon class if you suffer from stress or exhaustion.​

Yin - 90 Min

Yin yoga is a slow-paced, passive type of yoga that incorporates long holds and deep breaths for a stretch that gets right into the muscle fibres. Yin yoga is the perfect complement to more vigorous Yang-based practices like Vinyasa or strenuous sports.  An excellent practice for beginners or those recovering from injuries.

FREE Yoga 

Come along to join a class for free on the first Wednesday of each month. Yoga is for everyone, no booking required but limited spaces available. 


Life is busy and so are our minds. 

Join us in a meditation class to learn a variety of ways to calm your mind and enjoy the present moment more fully. 

Please see the schedule for more infomation. Private sessions are available.


Group sessions are 60 Min 


Are you new to yoga or wanting to delve deeper into your own practice?  Do you have questions about alignment or want to focus on a specific area? If yes to any of the above, our private classes are for you. 

Tell us what you would like to focus on and we will create a class specifically for your requirements.

Yoga shala, beach side or on your own balcony - you can also choose the location you like best. 

A delightful way to treat your body and mind to something special. 

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Available for stay of 5 nights +    Rs. 1000/pp/night


Includes unlimited yoga and meditation classes, ayurvedic massages, a daily fresh coconut and ginger shot per person and unlimited mineral water and tea. 

Number of massages depends on the length of stay: 

5+ Nights = 2 Massages/Person

6 - 9 Nights = 3 Massages/Person

10 - 14 Nights = 4 Massages/Person

15 - 19 Nights  = 5 Massages/Person

Email us after booking to add

this package to your reservation -->


Stay tuned for more exciting workshops and guest teachers coming this season! 

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